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National Press Focus on NHS Images

National Press Focus on NHS Images

Jude has been proud to be a part of this historic project and now the media coverage is now far and wide. Jude and her work have been both featured on BBC News and Sky News with articles featuring the images across a full media spectrum. To view the articles see the links below:


  • Mail Online reported on the Government’s photography series capturing the ‘heroics’ of the Covid vaccine rollout which urges those under 50s to accept their jabs. The article includes data showing the vaccine rollout figures, as well as stills from the film and a quote by Health Secretary Matt Hancock.
  • Mail Online video: reported on a video by the government showcasing the vaccine roll out
  • Evening Standard reported on the launch of the photography campaign encouraging the nation to get their vaccine, including a number of images.
  • Sky News reported on the launch of the campaign and includes a number of images, details of Jude, as well as quotes from case studies.  
  • ITV used PA copy to report on the images showcasing the UK covid vaccination effort.
  • BBC News reported on the launch of the campaign, on the new video being launched to encourage younger people to get the Covid vaccine when their turn comes. A quote from Matt Hancock is also included, as well as a number of stills from the film.  
  • This is also included on the BBC News rolling live news section
  • The Guardian reported on the vaccine roll out numbers and how half of the UK population has now received their first dose of the vaccine, including credit images from the photography project
  • MSN reported on the launch of the campaign and the ‘amazing new images’ showcasing the vaccine rollout across the UK ahead of making the second phase of the vaccine roll out.
  • Yahoo! News reported on the launch of the campaign and syndicated the Press Association article talking about the ‘never-seen-before pictures showing heroics of UK Covid-19 programme’. Stills from the film are also included as well as a quote from Matt Hancock.
  • This Is Money reported on the launch of the campaign and referenced ‘how there is light at the end of the tunnel’The article includes stills from the film as well as the latest figures.




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